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New English Translation, Roman Missal. (References)
Frogs for Sale (from personal collection of "collectable" frogs) [All these frogs have been sold or donated to charity.]

Other (Past) Course Homepages (Most Recent)

CSCI (formerly Math) 10 Information Page link (Fall 2001)
Math 11 Information Page link (Winter 2016)
Math 12 Information Page link (Winter 2014)
Math 13 Information Page link (Spring 2008)
CSCI (formerly Math) 60 (old syllabus) Information Page link (Winter 2006)
CSCI (formerly Math) 61 Information Page link (Winter 2000)
CSCI (formerly Math) 161 Information Page link (Fall 2010)
CSCI/Math 166 Information Page link (Spring 2014)
CSCI (formerly Math) 169 Information Page link (Fall 2012)

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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Santa Clara University
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408-554-4174 (office)
408-554-4124 (Jesuit Community)
408-554-4525 (Mathematics/Computer Science Department office)
408-554-2370 (Mathematics/Computer Science Department FAX)

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