Graduate Schools in Mathematics
The following is the 2010 US News and World Report's list of the top graduate programs in mathematics in the United States. The rankings are not too far off the mark today for programs in pure mathematics. For a ranking of programs in applied mathematics, talk with Professors Mohler and Ostrov. You can click on a university name to get to its math department's website. Use American Mathematical Society Mathematics Graduate Programs search page to determine which Master's and Ph.D. programs offer which specialties (applied mathematics, statistics, biostatistics, algebra/number theory, geometry/topology, etc.).
Rank/School Footnotes.
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  F-1 
2. Harvard University (MA)  
2. Princeton University (NJ)  
2. Stanford University (CA)  F-2 
2. University of California--Berkeley  F-3 
6. University of Chicago F-4 
7. California Institute of Technology   
8. University of California--Los Angeles  F-5 
8. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor   
10. Columbia University (NY)  
10. New York University   
10. Yale University (CT) F-6 
13. Cornell University (NY)  
14. Brown University (RI) F-7 
14. University of Texas--Austin   
16. Northwestern University (IL) F-8 
16. University of Wisconsin--Madison  F-9 
18. University of Minnesota--Twin Cities  F-10 
18. University of Pennsylvania   
20. Rutgers--New Brunswick (NJ)  
20. University of California--San Diego  F-11 
20. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign  F-12 
20. University of Maryland--College Park   
24. Duke University (NC)  
24. Johns Hopkins University (MD)  
24. SUNY--Stony Brook  
27. Penn State University--University Park  
27. Purdue University--West Lafayette (IN)  
27. University of Washington  F-13 
30. Georgia Tech  
30. Indiana University--Bloomington  F-14 
30. Ohio State University F-15 
30. Rice University (TX)  
30. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill  
30. University of Utah F-16 
36. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)  
36. CUNY Grad Sch. & U. Center (NY)  
36. University of California--Davis  
36. University of Illinois--Chicago  
40. Brandeis University (MA)  
40. Texas A&M University  
40. Washington University in St. Louis (MO) F-17 
43. Michigan State University F-18 
43. University of Arizona  
43. University of California--Irvine  
46. Boston University  
46. University of California--Santa Barbara F-19 
46. University of Colorado--Boulder F-20 
46. University of Notre Dame (IN)  
51. Dartmouth University (NH)  
51. North Carolina State University  
51. University of Georgia  
51. University of Southern California  
51. Vanderbilt University (TN) F-21 
56. University of Oregon F-22 
1. Farris and Scott attended
2. Alexanderson attended
3. Bekes and Schaefer attended
4. Several SCU students have been successful here.
5. Several SCU students have been successful here.
6. Walden attended
7. Ostrov attended.
8. Several SCU students have been successful here.
9. Ostrov attended.
10. Linell and Tran attended.
11. McGinley attended.
12. Musa and Smolarski attended. Many SCU students have been successful here.
13. Linell attended. Several SCU students have been successful here.
14. Barria and Mohler attended.
15. Scott was a post-doc here.
16. Pedersen attended.
17. An SCU student has been successful here.
18. An SCU student has been successful here.
19. Mohler, Poe, Smolarski and Tran attended.
20. Oscamou attended.
21. Walden attended.
22. Alexanderson and Bekes attended. Several SCU students have been successful here.

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