A few ancestral photos.

Frank Farris

Some of these can be enlarged by clicking.

My great-grandparents James Rumsey Alexander and his wife, Julia Benson Alexander.

Two pictures of my mother in the 20s.

My mother's parents.

My grandfather's store in Morgan Hill, ca. 1920.

Carrie's sister, Lilly.

A watercolor by my mother.

My nuclear family.

One in a long series of four-siblings pictures, this one from Christmas, 1990.

Here is our family cabin at Huntington Lake. My father started building it in 1947.

This is Stella Maude Farris with her son (my father), his daughter, Patty, and her firstborn, Kristin.

Click here for information about my father's WWII memoir, Rally The Pack .

Here are some pictures from my childhood .